Some Musings on the Political Spectrum


One of the most bizarre phenomena faced by anyone who comes to believe that Torah Judaism is in fact G-dís Ultimate Revelation to mankind (and the Jewish Nation the chosen Priestly Nation for humanity) is the fact that so much hostility towards Torah and Israel emanates from the political Right, that part of the spectrum that claims to represent G-d, tradition, morality, rootedness, etc. In fact, while I once naively believed that the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 had ended all anti-Semitism perpetrated in the name of anti-Communism (was not Israel the universal target of all Communists?) the sad fact is that the enemies of the Jewish people have constantly attacked
Israel in the name of opposing Communism, even as they have opposed with horror the PLOís comrades in other parts of the world.  Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, rightwing anti-Semitism has made a comeback, this time without Communism as an excuse (thank you, Pat Buchanan!).  This being the case, I feel it is time I addressed this sad but undeniable reality.

This issue is also important because of the co-existence of two mutually exclusive worlds--the pro-Israel, pro-Zionist "chr*stian right" and an anti-Israel, anti-Zionist "chr*stian right" (represented by the Birch Society and other conspiratorialist organizations) which preach a doctrine called "chr*stian reconstructionism."  Unfortunately, many good pro-Zionist Fundamentalists, unfamiliar with this sinister other world, are lured into it and subtly induced to change their religious beliefs (it may be noted that I also am attempting to change people's religious beliefs, but at least I do so openly).  At the same time the left is so incredibly stupid as to confuse the two and to pour out its bile on the pro-Israel right while ignoring the other almost completely.  But then, what could one expect from people whose belief in the ultimate meaningless of everything leads them on an endless array of coercive moral crusades for "social justice?"

This writer does not seek to travel under a false cloud.  I do not agree with chr*stian Zionism because it is based on an illusory, ahistorical version of a false religion and I seek the conversion of sincere Bible-believers to Noachism.  However, as one who has in the past been led down the primrose path I feel it my duty to warn these people, however much we may disagree with one another, of the sinister anti-Zionist conservative movement and its subtle and thoroughly dishonest brainwashing techniques.  And I wish to reiterate at the beginning that I learned these lessons the hard way.  Let no one scoff, however much he disagrees!

Pro-Zionist Fundamentalist Protestantism believes that before the "second coming," a great false messiah will arise who will create a false and counterfeit kingdom of G-d on earth.  This doctrine bears a superficial resemblance to the anti-Zionist's right's continual warnings about a "one world government."  However, there is one subtle difference--while the pro-Zionist Fundamentalists support a truly G-dly world government (which they believe will come after the counterfeit one), the anti-Zionist right opposes the very concept of one world government even under the rule of G-d A-mighty for one very simple reason--the very heart of rightwing anti-Semitism is a rejection of objective, universal truth.  That may seem hard to believe in light of subjectivism's association with the political left, but the fact is that the anti-Zionist right opposes subjectivism only within particular cultures.  From a universal standpoint it subscribes to a "national relativism" in which each culture/race develops its own unique worldview (ultimately its own "gxds") and which are eternally valid in the face of claims of any objective, universal, or abstract truth.  To this section of the right the very essence of Marxism is not its atheism, but its claim of universal truth (the late madman Revilo P. Oliver, yimach shemo vezikhro, considered Marxism merely as religion with G-d illogically removed).

To the anti-Semitic right the threat to the various "valid" worldviews gradually evolved by the various "autochthonous" peoples is the levelling, corrosive, revolutionary Jewish claim of One Abstract Universal Truth binding all peoples at all times and places (ie, G-d and Torah/Nochut).  Why else would people who pay such homage to "rootedness" be so unalterably opposed to the longest national roots in the world, those of `Am Yisra'el to its ancient, G-d given Land?  Why would "nationalists" label the oldest, most sacred nationalism extant as "internationalism" and treat it as the cause of all the disorder in the world?  Why would advocates of "hierarchy" spew forth such egalitarian-sounding bile about "Jewish chauvinism?"  Why would monarchists see a "satanic" plot in the yearning to restore the Davidic monarchy?  And how did the world's most ancient people and religion, with a calendar and ritual attuned deeply to the secrets of the universe, become the epitome of "modernity" and "alienation from nature?"

The simple fact is that for all its inherent conservatism, Judaism is and always has been the great iconoclast of the world.  I do not refer to "iconoclasm" in the sense of blasphemy of the sacred, G-d forbid, but of the utter denial of all false "gxds" and the insistence that HaShem is indeed the One True G-d of all humanity.  For this reason there is an objectivity to Jewish nationalism that exists in no other, and it is this objectivity, this gut-level instinctual realization that Jewish identity has an objective universal aspect that cannot be denied, that the various "nationalists" of other peoples constantly attack and defame it.  The false "gxds" of the nations do not claim to be universal, and therefore their various national "truths," being purely subjective and illusory, do not threaten each other.  However, the simple facticity of Judaism threatens the validity of the subjective, national, socially utilitarian, and local "gxds" and ideologies of the nations of the world (hence the slogan "the Jewish nation is the enemy of all nations").  A restored Davidic Israel would exclude falsehood everywhere in the world and force a universal assent to the True G-d, so naturally the "monarchists" and "nationalists" of the world consider it their chief bane (unlike, for example, a restored World War II-style Imperial Japan).  The very claim, made so often, that the Jews are hypocrites who advocate "equality" for everyone else while insisting on a special status for themselves is simply an antagonistic way of stating the truth--that G-d created the entire human race from one man and chose one particular nation out of this race to serve as His objectively priestly people.

The chief objection of the reader to this is probably that chr*stianity, the religion in whose name the Jews are most often attacked in this way, is itself a universal, objective, abstract religion in the same sense as Judaism.

Au contraire.

While chr*stianity is a universal religion in theory it has always been in practice merely an updated form of the worship of the subjective local or national "gxds."  This goes much further than the well-known fact that the various "chr*sts" and "virgins" and "saints" are merely updated versions of the old pagan deities.  The simple fact is that there is no such thing as "chr*stianity."  Instead there are many chr*stianities, quite distinct from each other, that are just as subjective and national as the old religions they replaced.  Most anti-Zionist conservatives glorify "chr*stendom," meaning the old Western European version of that religion that prevailed from the end of the Western Roman Empire until relatively recent times.  The "chr*st" of these people is merely the particular "gxd" of "Western European Civilization," and his purpose was to act as a pragmatic conservator of that civilization.  The constant clucking about "chr*stophobia" emerging from these circles certainly has very little to do with an itenerant Jewish heretic of two thousand years ago (who never set foot in Europe) and everything to do with the threat to the subjective value (and the utilitarian social myth) of the particular culture of Western Europe posed by a Universal G-d and Universal Truth.

This view of chr*stianity as pragmatic local cult rather than Objective Universal Truth is borne out by comparing the various chr*stian religions themselves.  Does anyone really imagine that the "chr*st" of Western European Civilization and that of Eastern Orthodoxy are identical?  How much the less so with regard to the local chr*stianity of Ethiopia, Kerala in India, or the Middle East (the only purpose of these chr*stians to the Western European types is that they oppose Zionism, the great threat to all subjective national "truths").  It is true that they will join hands against that "enemy of all nations" because they must all maintain the validity of their subjective cults, but when not united against this common foe they have very little in common. (A more immediate example of he plurality and subjectivism of "J*suses" is the dedication to a person by this name of both white and Black rural Southern Fundamentalists. Does anyone seriously consider these two to be the same "gxd?")

In fact, these national relativists have had to create a separate "chr*st" for the United States of America, since it has a different civilization than the European parent and hence required a different symbolic embodiment.  This particular "chr*st" peddled by the anti-Zionist right is the "gxd" of Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers, an anti-monarchist (though allied with monarchists abroad) inveighing against "kings" and "tyrants" and approaching anarchism in his radical individualism (though, again, allied with authoritarianism and collectivism abroad in the form of the Western European "J*sus").  This particular alternative to Objective Truth offers the good American the same thing it offers anti-Zionist conservatives elsewhere--the replacement of `Am Yisra'el with themselves, Jerusalem with their own national centers, and the ancient Prophets of G-d with subjective national heroes.  Needless to say, other than this commonality there would seem to be a certain amount of friction between the "J*sus" of the American Founding and the "J*sus" of Francisco Franco.  But different as they are, they are each a manifestation of the local, the national, the subjective, the utilitarian, and in that sense they support each other against the Common Foe.

The movement behind this particular version of chr*stianity is especially hypocritical for its alliance with foreign versions of what it loathes at home, as well as its cynical and utterly dishonest use of the deist/rationalist American Fouding Fathers as the home-grown version of the Founding National Apostle (El Cid for Spain, Thomas Jefferson for America).  Moreover, the "Constitutionalism" embraced by this movement as its version of the medieval chr*stian "theocracy" of Europe is not in fact simple Constitutionalism.  Rather, it is the version of one of the two parties that existed from the very beginning--the Jeffersonian version--as opposed to the equally valid loose-constructionist Constitutionalism of George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and John Marshall.  Perhaps the Jeffersonian version was chosen simply because it was the version that did not prevail, and hence may be used as the "original pristine version" that later became "corrupted."  After all, as someone has pointed out, the road not taken by the very nature of things does not manifest the problems of the road that was.  The supreme irony in all this, of course, is that the Jeffersonians whose strict constructionism is taken as America's very own subjective chr*stian "torah" were the radicals who supported the Jacobins in France, while the "tyrannical" and pro-central bank Federalists opposed them.

This particular version of the American Right exists mostly in the shadows, considering that most of the vitriol of the left, including that of Jewish liberals, is aimed at the pro-Zionist Fundamentalists of the "chr*stian right."  However, let no one doubt the undying hostility the anti-Zionist right has for Biblical Fundamentalists.  While the ADL is obsessed with the danger of Jerry Falwell, you will find few endorsements of that preacher in the literature of the anti-Zionist right (the Birch Society and the organizations and persons in its orbit).  They resent the fact that more people know about Falwell and Pat Robertson than about their own theologians (Rousas Rushdoony, Gary North, etc.).  How ironic that the Zionist Fundamentalists are confused with the Birchers and their ilk by the liberal left.

However much the anti-Zionist right despises the Zionist Fundamentalists, that does not prevent them from attempting to infiltrate and influence the Zionist Fundamentalists in their own direction, taking advantage of the superficial similarities in the two eschatologies.  However, the fact that they do not engage in proselytization honorably and openly but by stealth exposes the falsity of their cause.

While the average Zionist Fundamentalist Protestant probably will resist rejecting chr*stianity for Noachism (which is the real solution), I nevertheless urge any Zionist Fundamentalist reading these pages to be on guard for these other organizations, publications, and individuals who are doing all in their power to change him from his current position to one of conspiratorialist anti-Zionism.  Beware the Birch Society, The New American, Howard Phillips' "Constitution Party" (or whatever he's calling it these days) which seek to subtly nudge you away from a loyalty to Objective Truth (represented by HaShem, Torah, and Israel) and toward a purely subjective national "truth" that would treat the Founding Fathers as America's religious authorities (one might as well claim the Thirteen Original Colonies were the "tribes of Israel!").  Also beware those whose condemnations of "tyranny" and "warmongering," like those of the hippies in the "Sixties," is limited to America (while applauding it elsewhere).

The ultimate compliment to the Zionist Fundamentalist is the insult aimed at him by his "nationalist" critics--that he is a "Judaeo-chr*stian."  This means that he has forsaken the purely subjective, utilitarian, local "gxd" (represented by whatever version of J*sus or chr*stendom to which he supposedly owes his loyalty) to the Objective Universal Truth represented by the Jewish People.  This is what leads Fundamentalist Protestants, who despise European rosary beads and the Latin language (or the customs or languages of any other subjective "chr*stendom") to don Jewish tallitot (prayer shawls) and to learn Hebrew.  From the subjectivist viewpoint that holds that each person owes supreme loyalty to the local/national "gxd" and "truth" which his people have slowly "evolved" to embody their unique racial/cultural characteristics, the Zionist Fundamentalist is indeed a traitor.  He has turned from subjective national falsehood to Objective Universal Truth.  The attacks of these vermin is indeed a badge of honor.  Let the Zionist Fundamentalist be on guard against manipulation by his pagan enemies.